Who we are?

We, the International Entrerritmos Festival of Larache, organized by the Loukos Association for Sustainable Tourism since 2012,

We have taken the Loukos River as a slogan and name for our association as the geographical and historical witness to the civilization of the Lokos Basin and the pivotal actor in the lifestyle of its inhabitants since ancient times, where the Moorish, Berber, Phoenician and Roman civilizations flourished, Carthaginian and Arab on the hill of Lixus since more than two thousand years BC.

The festival has become an annual global event in which artistic, folk and musical groups, intellectuals and researchers from inside Morocco and from countries and continents participate.

General Director: Abderrahman Elanjeri


The mission of the festival falls within the framework of the territorial marketing of the province of Larache, as it gives a national and international promotional radiance to the region, which is rich in its diverse and varied cultural and natural heritage.
The festival performances will be held in the archaeological site of Lixus, the Saadian Towers, the spaces of the ancient city, the colonial and Morisco, squares and public spaces, and the city of the KSSAR EL KBIR.


Support the 2025 vision of sustainable tourism in Morocco’s Larache region. Value tangible and intangible heritage, create jobs, and improve living standards. Foster dialogue, tolerance, and cultural exchange through art, music, and festivals. Preserve historical sites and religious monuments symbolizing coexistence. Safeguard intangible heritage like cuisine and storytelling. Raise awareness about climate change and protect natural resources.


Cultural Diversity
Artistic Excellence
Community Engagement
Friendship and Cooperation